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Enjoying vegan Campout 2023?
I'm a Vegan Activist with a big Idea and I need your help!

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Chapter 1.

First I'm sorry for the rough way this is being presented, I know there are also grammar mistakes. Bear with me :)

I'm Omer. A Vegan Activists for 10 years, and I feel like I have an Idea that is too good not to try to execute.

and as ambitious as it is. it's possible, therefor I'm going to try!

I need many people to be convinced and to join me in making this happen. 

I need to convince that we have an opportunity to play a significant role in the entry of a big game changer - The Cultured Solutions.

looking forward 10 20 30 years, it will play a huge roll.

So I kept thinking what would be the best way to approach this for the long term?

The idea is to call today for "The ultimate scenario" even if it is still only based on speculations.

we all ready see that the money is going that way so we can rly that in the future "Cultured Solutions" will become "The new normal".

and sp we do not wait can start living their existence today!

Chapter 2

So far i've only been talking about this idea. I admit that I'm obsessed about it.

when this cometition will be real I know that many people will take part in it.

But in order for it to be real. Investors will need to be persuaded that there is a large group of people who are ready to take part in it.

large group of people who cry : "Come! we need to compete!"

The trick is to get many people involved even before the investors.


 My life at the moment is full with my job as a delivery guy and some play time with my kid.

But I want to pursue my idea so I'm giving my self a few days of break and I'm traveling to England, with a suitcase full of flags and dragon masks, 

because Vegan activism is running in my veins and grabbing my attention anyhow, 

and because I know that this Idea can really work and make a huge difference - 

People I talked to in the last year gave me various reactions,

 but there were enough reactions that straighten my motivation to continue perusing this idea.

I plan to go to the Vegan camp out 3 times.

I need to have a talk to major Activists and influencers about the Idea.

I need to do some networking and form connections. 

and along the way I'l try to grab people attention at the vegan fest and get them to help out creating a presentation of this idea, 

or sign up to be updated of the developments.


So this year is my first time going to this Camp out.

everything is super basic. not even a proper presentation.

Only me and 50 flags and Dragon masks.

Going to Vegan Camp Out 2023.jpg
Chapter 3 :
If you are now at the vegan camp out maybe I approached your tent asking you something like :

- 'Hi, Come. we need to compete'
 - 'Let's all go 'On Dragon!'

 .This is a new form of vegan activism 

we have and opportunity to really heal the world faster, if that interests you - 


.If you want I can tell you all about it. It's a bit complicated but it's fun


 .This is part of a game, an International competition related to the Ecological Crisis and within it specifically animal farm factories

Chapter 4

 The goal
'Which country reach faster into creating a plan regarding the arrival of the 'Cultured solutions'

?"Have you heard of "Cultured solutions


.!We are in a dramatic period in human history - when we are about to change the way we consume animals

 .So, we're here for the animals and the planet, therefor we want to make the most out of this scientific breakthrough

 .Major financial groups around the world is all ready investing in this field of cultured solutions.

 .so, while they work on the creating the supply, we're going to raise the demand


 Chapter 5.

It is our job to push this idea forward 

we mustn't let Cultured Solutions blend in all the noise around

we should give it as much focus as possible. We need to form bold strategies and push the furthest and stretch the borderlines. 

The more we do so the better for the animals and the planet.


.Thanks to the arrival of the Cultured Solutions Vegan Activists can start calling non vegans to join to act together.

we are starting plan the structure of this new international competition, with a yearly event.

A well funded organization that sends missions to all the countries participating.  


This is now the first attempt to start making this crazy idea happen!


If we all ready understand the narrative this is heading

We can all ready form a new movement based upon The arrival of Cultured Solution.

A movement that will follow the years to come with a demand to make the most out of the upcoming Cultures Solutions.

we need these years to plant the seeds in everybody's consciousness about "National Rehabilitation Plan", or how we should be making "The Ultimate Animal Sacrifice"

we need to see all the smaller attempts to speed the process of things - and we are going to say : "Good. but not good enough".

We need to stand in tv studios while major global climate related crisis will be the talk of the hour - We will be asking "Do you still think the idea of the competition is too extreme?".."and now?"...."and now?"..

  when climate crisis international conventions will start pushing forward smaller plans to speed things up - we will be placing a mirror in front of them asking "Are we there yet?"


This game is a new platform to create an enormous amount of new content related to the Cultured Solutions arrival.

 - The good news is that we don't have to wait for them to actually be here. 

we act upon the strong belief that they are coming.


Every advocacy asking to maximize the arrival of Cultures Solution resonates the frequency of the negativity aspects of animal farm factories.





Chapter 6

We are here for the long run.

This competition will most likely start slowly the first few years.

but it doesn't matter.

In time, as these new products will gradually start entering the market,

our messages will become more and more relevant.

our call for action will become less and less exaggerated.

Throughout in years to come, we will play our part using the platform of this game - 

We will get to see all the stages :The hesitation, the prices issues, the grow in variety, 

we will get to see how all the companies that deal with animals will start their aggressive campaigns to keep things just as they are and avoid the shift, 

trying to undermine the severeness of the climate situation. 

and so on.

and we claim that the best way to approach this is to declare ourselves as culturally addicted to all the animal products around us.

we will carry the message that 

when cultured solutions will give us enough replacements to nourish ourselves.

we should say good bye to all animal products all together.


An idea such as this will succeed only after reaching a vast majority of people in the country supporting this move -

And when a national plan will be chosen, and approved by parliament, including vast majority's approval by the people 

The extensive up to 5 year plan will be initiated :


During 5 years, all that is related to real animals through-out the whole country will be eliminated all together.

All the professions and businesses will be compensated including farm factories, markets and restaurants and so on.

Iniciating national education programs according to the communities.


Though this plan may sound too difficult to carry or simply unimaginable - The fact that it is still possible is worth perusing.


A country that chooses to preform this difficult transition will benefit more than the scenario of dragging time.

That Country will set an example to the rest of the world on how a strong nation can overcome tremendous challenges.

and do the right thing. 

That Country will earn the respect and the Throne.


In the first few years the competition will address "the early adaptors" 

People who are aware of the grave situation and agree to help by taking action and "go on Dragon"

 and help the cause that this competition is pursuing.

Cultured Solutions Gold1 facebood cover wide.jpg
birds message.jpg
Chapter 7
The game is called :
Which country reaches first in completing :


first we will make sure this competition will happen.

Then there are three stages to the competition: Ready. Set. Go.


It will probably take years at the "Ready" stage - Raising the awareness to the competition and with in it - pushing the concept of our wish to build a plan.


after many year a country will reach the second stage and choose a national plan, and approve it by parliament.

The last step will be to go ahead and implement the plan to the fullest.


This game is going to use methods from the world of addictions treatments and the terminology will be accordingly.

National plan will be considered to form our country into a "National Rehabilitation village" 

Vegan people, who susseed in avoiding temptations such as non vegan products.

products with animals 

This is done in order to reflect the deep emotional connection we have in regards to animal consumption.

and even after the first products will pass all stipulations and reach the supermarkets shelves, or McDonalds, and become normal to consume - 

Strong forces will try to delay that change using our collective culture

 to keep prolonging animal farm factories existence as much as possible.

But we will be there along the way to push the optimal scenario. 


The advantages of playing this game :


1.We live in a world that is split into countries, every country to it's own. 

- This platform motivates to take action based on national pride.


2. Even if a whole county will shift it's whole nourishment consumption to be fully "plant based+Cultured Solutions" - it wont matter because The crisis is global.

 - The platform of the game is to use a progress of one country to motivates the other "Houses".


2. How can we draw focus to the Climate Crisis or the Animals while everybody are into gaming, international sports, reality shows etc. 

- This is why Game will use gaming, competitions about content creations, dynamic challenges

 using all forms of collective culture - to attract attention to maximizing the cultured solution arrival.

using the 'Addiction terminology' in the game also help grabbing the attention needed.


3. No time for climate crisis or the animals. 

- After you join the game you may go on with your life (and go eat a steak)

 The aim is to get this issue addressed the most efficient way as soon as possible.


4. One person can not make a difference.

- This whole game is based on points. earn points and help your country win.


5. Content creating by devoted Vegan Activists is being watched motely by convinced vegans and not the meat eaters.

- This game is designed to engage non vegans to join and help the cause.


6. Eventually the entry process will be influenced mostly by major forces in the market 

when these products will be affordable,

what is the need for a social movement?

-  we can influence public awareness, we act from the bottom up, 

Our presence on the streets and our demand for the ultimate scenario is a voice only we can raise. 

This will help the big companies and they will help by funding the competition.


There are 2 categories in the competition:


1. Campaigns. They will be judged by creativity and effectiveness.

2. People who are persuaded to "go on dragon" will gain points to their House.


Every year there will be different challenge to use pop culture icons, 

Every country will create creative content that will draw attention to the cultured solution and to the competition.

icons such as super heroes, famouse songs, sports related or any other topics taken from the world's collective culture icons.




An Example for a project :

The "Game of Thrones" committee has decided that this year each House

will create a musical sketch with a large crowd using a song from the Disney movies. for example "Aladdin" "Make way for Cultured Meat! Say hay, here's Cultured meat"

a video will show simultaneously three countries and their production, final result and the impact it made. 

all will be calculated into the game score.


eg.2 This year each country will design 3 Super Hero figures from it's 3 golden eggs choices.


The final products will be compared and scored by the committee of the game, plus the vote of the Dragons.


The Competition yearly event


Every year on november 1st. (world Vegan day)

There will be a Maga world music event that will summarize the results of all the campaigns

highlights from campaigns will be shown, medals will be given to the winning countries according to various categories.


After explaining about the competition the are the 3 questions to answer :

1. Do you support having this competition?

2. Do you wish for us -'The House of ____' to win?

3. come and go 'On Dragon' and earn us points. 




This is and example about "The House of Israel


addictions :

world leaders in manipulating the individual cow to produce as much milk as possible

we kill 1million chickens every day,

we use animal in rituals such as raising and swirling a live chicken around our head,

or placing the head of a fish on our new year's plate and wish that "we will be the head and not the tail"

and many more.


House of Israel 3 Golden Eggs : (3 different sizes)

1. 'Judaism' (biggest - 65% of yearly budget)

2. 'Zionism' (Medium - 25%)

3. "Start up nation' (small - 10%)




We choose to call Cultured Solutions by the initials - M.A.A.N

Manufacture. Artificially. Animals (for) Nourishment

In our bible history we walked 40 years in the desert eating the divine meat that was not meat. It was pronounce 'Man'

Our Jewish values of 'repairing the world' ('Tikun Olam'), Our Jewish values to be happy and humble

The Maan entrance will anyhow make a dramatic impact on certain customs and habits related to eating meat and dairy.

1. In Israel we are used to having religious stands on the streets with people passing by being asked to preform a religious ritual called 'Tefillin'

we are going to place a stand next to them and push forward our first egg - 'The Judaism' - as call them to "go on Dragon",

by showing all the good values that supports it in the bible.


2. Zionism - .Raising our flag. using our unity to go through big challenges.

These days the country of Israel is facing a dramatic political crisis. The country is split and both sides feel the flags value represent them.

and with us having the worst timing to grab attention to this game at this moment - 

the fact that the flag is now in everybody's hands will help us talk about it's values.

and Zionism mean resilient. we can take this competition.

And now that you understand the point of this game you are invited to take part and go "on Dragon"

there are reasons to go "on Dragon"

With you 'stepping out of your comfort zone' you demonstrate the need to demand for dramatic measures to acccure.

By you wearing the Dragon mask you help represent the phenomenality of the Cultured Solutions.

It is vital that they arrival won't get lost in all the noise we have all around.

There is no other way to adress somthing in this magnitude as our oldest and strongest habbit 

- eating animals - without creating strong and hard resolutions 

But when we have enough Maan. we won't need anything else.

But the surrounding is still constantely offering you the animal products temptations.

By you calling yourself and addicted persone living in a highly addictive culture

- Therefor the best way to have a real rapid change is to ask for all around to create a "free of temptation zone' 

and This is what you will say in a video declaration you will make, saying that you ask to be treated as an addict' - and earn points to your House. 

and the national flag, as part of the cultural elements that the game adopts - We will draw inspiration from our Zionist miraculous story building us a Jewish nation.

Overcoming great challenges is part of our D.N.A


Eventhough the starting point of 'The house of Israel' is extremly low, 

Everybody are rejoicing from meat dairy and eggs everywhere,

There are so many problems and no room for attention to the Global Ecological Crysis - 

 - The only way is up.

 Despite all that we are the Dragons from 'The House of Israel" and we will win this competition and be the first country to preform

'The Ultimate Animal Sacrifice!'


but you are invited to earn points and posting a video

you will go 'on dragon' and declair :

"I understand this game, that's why I'm goin 'on dragon'

we are all addicted and that includes me.

I hope Israel will be the first to feel that we have just enough Maan,

and I hope the whole country will want to make that plan.

All together All at once.  

Count me in for the points.

Good luck to 'House of Israel!' 

logo draft1.jpg
Coming back to Vegan fest of today - 

 This is how you can help!



We set up a the general guidelines and going backwards in time :

Official date for the start of the competition: November 1st. 2025.


Until the Vegan Camp Out of 2025 we will finish:

1. Setting all the rules of the game.

2. Set up all the Houses.

3. Set up the Game Of Thrones Committee

4. Set up the challenges 3 year ahead.


On Vegan Camp Out of 2024

There will be a presentation to the investors.

We will show them how many of us showed up "on Dragon" to the 'Game of thrones' Rally.

They will see how many people are all ready raising their voices crying out 'Let us compete all ready!'

First houses are all ready being formed, some of them with surprising celebrity names,

We will make all the investors understand that their investment in creating this International Competition is a valid investment.

This will happen after all the work being done through out the year

After the great success of the Vegan Camp Out Rally 2023 when it all started



So, now at Vegan Fest 2023

 This idea is being introduced for the first time.

This year there are a few important tasks :

1. Introducing this idea to leading activists and documenting it as much as possible for the presentation. 

2. filming people "going on Dragon" 

3. filming pilot of an assembly of all 50 participants from 50 countries

4. filming syncs in as many languages as possible calling :



1. We want to compete!

2. We are from "The House of ____"

3. Our 3 golden eggs are ____ ____ ____

3. We will be the first to make "The Ultimate Animal Sacrifice!"

4. In our Culture we are addicted to killing _____ and _____ every year.

5. In our (holiday) we do ______ to the animals as part of our tradition.

6. We will not let this phenomenal products fade out in all the noise from our Culture

7. We are forming groups from each nation and we 'Go on Dragon!' 

8. The crazy days of Corona showed us that the world can act and create big plans

9. We will push forward for the best tangible scenario. 

10. We will use the terminology of the world of addictions

11. This game is a race between countries which wins the throne by becoming the first "Rehabilitation Villige" 

12. A country free from all animal products temptations  

13. The first few years we will call upon the early adaptors to join 

14. Then others will join

15. In the future when cultured Solution will be 'The new normal'

16. We will compete year after year while keep asking : "Are we there yet?"

17. And when 90% of the country will want this

18. We will start the plan we have been working on all these years.

19. So now, will you join us?

20. Will you help your country and 'go on dragon?'

21. Will you help your country be the first country to make

22. 'The Ultimate Animal Sacrifice!' (also have everybody shout it together)


we have the opportunity to use all the free time we have over this weekend to help spread the word!

and to call for as many people as possible to the "First Assembly" pilot.



The Assembly will happen before sunset on Sunday July 30.

Right next to the big tent.

on this assembly we will talk about this plan

And also film as many syncs in many languages.


Right now it's up to us, let's make the most of vegan fest 2023

to push forward this idea.

By playing the game you are sending the frequency of the necessity of the cultured solutions - 

You help having people think of them, wait for them.

 All along the way of the game, without needing to talk about it - we will send the message that Animal products are harming the plant and should be a thing of the past as soon as practically possible.

We need to Comepete!
Are you ready to "Go On Dragon?"
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Here is a list of all the 50 flags I brought :

(Apologies if you don't see yours)


Nation with Color of Mask :

1. Argentine - Blue

2. Armenia - Orange

3. Australia - Blue

4. Austria - Red

5. Azerbaijan - Green

6. Belgium - Black

7. Brazil - Green

8. Britain - Blue (X6)

9. Bulgaria - Green

10. Canada - Red

11. Chile - Red

12. China - Red

13. Croatia - Red

14. Cyprus - Orange

15. Czechia - Blue

16. Denmark - Red

17. Egypt - Black

18. Finland - Blue

19. France - Blue

20. Germany - Black

21. Greece - Blue

22. Hungary - Green

23. Iceland - Blue

24. India - Orange

25. Iran - Green

26. Ireland - Orange

27. Israel - Blue

28. Italy - Green

29. Japan - Red

30. Lithuania - Green

31. Malta - Red

32. Morocco - Red

33. Nepal - Red

34. New Zeland - Blue

35. Nigiria - Green

36. Norway - Blue

37. Palestine - Green (X2)

38. Poland - Red

39. Portugal - Green

40. Romania - Orange

41. Russia - Blue

42. S. Korea - Red

43. Serbia - Blue

44. Spain - Orange

45. Sweeden - Blue

46. Switzarland - Red

47. The Netherlands - Red

48. Turkey - Red

49. U.S.A - Blue

50. Ukrain - Orange

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